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Speeding and Stop Signs
Posted on Jan 30th, 2017

A number of homeowners are still complaining about the number of vehicles that speed through the subdivision and/or do not stop at the posted stop signs.   A number of times, homeowners are complaining about the near miss at a stop sign when that individual has the right away and the other driver proceeds through the stop sign without stopping.    We have a lot more families with children and when the weather is nice, they are out walking, running or riding bikes.   This applies at night too.
Our posted speed zone signs are at 25 MPH.  Newly refurbished “Please Drive Slowly” signs where just posted too.
Homeowners are suggesting speed bumps to alleviate the speeding issues.  Per Brazoria County Road and Bridge the roads in Palm Crest are owned by Brazoria County and they will not allow homeowners to purchase the portable type speed bumps to place on the road nor will the County install them because it is not safe for Emergency Vehicles.
This is what they are suggesting, every property owners needs to be accountable for their actions and be reported to the Sheriff’s office.   Get your cell phones out and take a video to show the sheriff.  Most likely, you know who the offender is; which home, make and model of the vehicle or license plate number.  Call and report the offender to  Brazoria County Sheriff Department (non-emergency) - 979-849-2441
Go to the following link to review the Brazoria County Traffic Fine Schedule:
Please share with others in your household, relatives or friends visiting so they are informed if they do not abide by the posted speed and stop signs when they visit Palm Crest they could be reported to the Sheriff’s office.   If you are aware of a neighbor in Palm Crest that does not receive these email blasts because they have never enrolled, please share with them too.  
The Palm Crest HOA does not own the roads, so this is a County issue that the Sheriff’s office is highly requesting each of YOU report the offender to them,  nothing will improve IF YOU do not call and report the individual.