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Public FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Palm Crest Subdivision

Individual property owners own all lots and there is no Developer.  You would need to review the Minimum Construction Standards document, select your own builder and submit the New Home Architectural Control Application (ACC) prior to new home construction or submit the Improvement/Modifications Architectural Control Application (ACC) for all remodels or modifications.  Both ACC Applications are processed and previewed at CKM before sending to the ACC Committee for review and determination with approvals or denials. Review time can take up to 30 days, but typically is less.  Please allow for the time required to complete the approval process.  Legal action will be taken for non-ACC prior approvals and the Association shall seek its legal fees from the owner.   The design harmony of a home should be similar to other homes in the neighborhood. Visit the Home Sites for sale on the website or vacant lots with a realtors sign.

Palm Crest does have strict Deed Restrictions and Building Requirements.   Please review the Deed Restrictions and Minimum Construction Standards and both ACC Applications prior to your purchase so there is no confusion of our building requirements after you purchase. Consider hiring a third party inspection company during the building process.

If you purchase a vacant lot, you are responsible for the mowing of the lot.  All vacant lots are mowed the third full week of each month.  You can join the lot-mowing program at an affordable cost with DJ's Mow Tex at 832-344-7784 or by email @ If lots are not mowed the third full week of the month, the lot will be force mowed at a cost of $100.00 and the property owners will be responsible for this $100.00 force mow fine.

To review and download the Palm Crest Deed Restrictions, Minimum Construction Standards and both Architectural Control Applications (ACC), please access the Palm Crest website at

Under the left side "Welcome Section", forth section down is “Governing Documents”, click on Governing Documents and review or download these documents:

Minimum Construction Standards (NEW):
Minimum Construction Standards 9.20.17.pdf
New Home Architectural Review Application (New)
New Home Architectural Review Application 9.20.17.pdf
Home Improvement/Modification Architectural Control Application (New)
Home Improvement/Modification Architectural Control Application 9.20.17.pdf
Deed Restrictions:

You can also review the Architectural Control (ACC) Process, Requirements and ACC Applications section too which is the fifth section.

Other important items:

Our roads are maintained by Brazoria County and are considered Public Roads.  Per the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles:  ATV’s , ROV’s and Go-Carts may not be driven on public roads.  Please visit for more details.  In addition, ATV’s , ROV’s and Go-Carts are NOT allowed in the Common Areas, Parks or ditches are considered a POA liability and trespassing.  The same rules apply for vacant lots, which are privately owned.  No riding on vacant lots as this poses a liability to the vacant lot owners and will be considered trespassing.  If you do not own the vacant lot, then you should not be on the vacant lot.

We have our own water and treatment plant, which is operated by Aqua Texas.  No individual water wells are allowed.  Septic tanks are not allowed. Each homeowner must have an approved grinder pump installed on their property per ACC requirements, which then grinds the waste from the home before it travels to the sewer plant. So your grinder pump does not get damaged, broken or jammed you should not flush the following items down the toilet: condoms, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, feminine products; anything that is not biodegradable could cause an issue over the years to the blades and motor of your individual grinder pump.  We have No Mud District or Mud Taxes since we have our Central Sewer and Water Treatment Plant in Palm Crest.

Each homeowner must install an underground (buried) propane tank for gas.

Only wood or ornamental iron fences are allowed (no wire) and ACC approval is required prior to construction. See Minimum Construction Standards for additional details.

Storage sheds must be hidden behind a wood fence and cannot be visible from street or surrounding neighbors. Storage sheds must be constructed from same building materials as house, i.e. brick or hardi-plank and same roofing materials as house and prior ACC approval is required.

See Minimum Construction Standards for additional details.

No parking boats, trailers, campers, or storing vehicles in driveway are allowed per Deed Restrictions.

Please adhere to the Palm Crest Lake Rules, which are posted on a sign at the lake entrance.  There are no attendants at the lake, use the Lake at your own risk. Rules - NO Motorized Watercraft, NO parking on the grass, NO unauthorized vehicles, Life Jackets must be worn when using a non-motorized watercraft, NO swimming, NO glass containers, NO alcohol, NO fires except in BBQ Pits, Please remove all trash, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult, and the Palm Crest Lake is for the use of Property Owners and their Guests Only.  Fishing is only allowed to current property owners of Palm Crest and from the common area park with dock for those property owners that do not own a lakeside lot.  Fishing from a vacant lot is considered trespassing on private property unless you own the vacant lot or receive written approval.  Property owners that own a lakeside lot can fish from their own property too.

Satellite dishes attached on the side of the house, side of garage, roof and back of house/ garage are acceptable.  Satellite dishes on poles in the ground must be screened from public view with shrubs fence or other landscaping. See Minimum Construction Standards for additional details.

Up keep of home and lawn maintenance is required. All yard equipment and storage piles shall be kept screened from neighboring lots, streets and other property per Deed Restrictions.

No fireworks are allowed (per Deed Restrictions) and we have no fire hydrants.

Dogs must be on a leash when walking in the neighborhood, which includes park/common areas and maintained on ones property at all times.  Also, please carry waste cleanup bags to pick up your dog’s waste if this occurs on a neighbor’s lawn or park/common areas.

Detached garages cannot be used for residential purposes per Deed Restrictions.

No lot shall be used for business, educational, religious or professional purposes of any kind whatsoever, or for any commercial or manufacturing purposes unless approved by the association per the Deed Restrictions. 

Only current property owner have access to the registered side of the Palm Crest website.

The Association and Architectural Committee does not review or answer questions concerning construction unless the request is from a current property owner and a full ACC Application and plans are received.

2017 Annual Assessments are $550.00 (subject to change annually) and are due January 10th of each year.  If Maintenance Fees are not received by March 2nd each year, then a $25.00 Late Fee will be charged to each property owner.

For more information, please contact CKM Management directly or submit an email thru the "Contact Us" link on the site.  Contact info below:

C.K.M. Property Management, Inc.
P.O. Box 160
Tomball, TX  77377
Fax:  281-255-3056