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Architectural Control (ACC) Process, Requirements & ACC Applications

The Palm Crest Architectural Control Committee (ACC) recently developed new Architectural documents which you need to start using effective October 6, 2017 for all required Architectural approvals.          

Before any New Home construction begins, the “NEW HOME ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION” must be submitted to the ACC for review and approval.  All information and documents required are listed on the “NEW HOME ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW APPLICATION”.

All improvements to the exterior of your home or lot require prior approval too.  You will need to submit the “HOME IMPROVEMENT/MODIFICATIONS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL APPLICATION” for ACC review.  Some examples of Home Improvements or Modifications that require prior approval, but not limited to are:  Installing fences, replace or repair roof, exterior painting, room additions, covered patios, driveway or patio extensions, garage doors, docks, garages, etc.  Review the “HOME IMPROVEMENT/MODIFICATIONS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL APPLICATION” for the listed applicable improvements or if in doubt, check with the ACC Dept. at 281-255-3055 or  All information and documents required are listed on the “HOME IMPROVEMENT/MODIFICATIONS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL APPLICATION”.

Any deviations from the approved plans (New Home or Home Improvement/Modifications) require further approval from the ACC. 

The “PALM CREST MINIMUM CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS” document was adopted by the ACC to specify our standards, requirements and thought processes used in evaluating an application.  Approval of plans and specifications will be based, among other things, on adequacy of site dimensions, design of the structure, conformity and harmony with external design, relation of finished grades and elevations to neighboring sites and conformity to the construction time and general intent of the restrictions.  

It is recommended that you review the Palm Crest Minimum Construction Standards for future reference along with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Deed Restrictions) which are posted on the website at under Governing Documents.


Architectural Process:

You need to select your own builder and submit the New Home Architectural Control Application (ACC) prior to new home construction or submit the Home Improvement/Modifications Architectural Control Application (ACC) for all remodels or modifications to CKM.  Both ACC Applications are processed and previewed at CKM before sending to the ACC Committee for review and determination with approvals or denials. ACC Committee review time can take up to 30 days, but typically is less.  Please allow for the time required to complete the approval process before moving forward with all New Home or Improvement/Modifications.  Legal action will be taken if owner does not seek prior approval for New Home Construction, Home Improvement/Modifications or if changes are made to previously approved ACC Application request. The Association shall seek its legal fees from the owner.  If any improvement is made without ACC approval, the Board of Directors has the legal right to enforce its removal. 

C.K.M. Property Management, Inc.  
Attn: ACC Dept.
P.O. Box 160
Tomball, TX  77377
Phone: 281-255-3055
Fax: 281-255-3056


Architectural Control Documents:

Minimum Construction Standards (NEW):
Minimum Construction Standards 9.20.17.pdf
New Home Architectural Review Application (New)
New Home Architectural Review Application 9.20.17.pdf
Home Improvement/Modification Architectural Control Application (New)
Home Improvement/Modification Architectural Control Application 9.20.17.pdf

Sign Plan Review Application: